As a Doctor of Optometry, your voice matters to legislators. Send a letter now!

Dear [Lawmaker],

 I am a Doctor of Optometry and constituent writing to urge you to support HB1798, which updates Texas’ eye care laws to allow doctors like me to practice the full extent of our training.

 Why is this necessary? Because right now, Texas ranks as the fourth most restrictive state for optometric eye care access due to our outdated laws that have not been changed in over 20 years. 

 As a Doctor of Optometry, I chose the profession to develop long-lasting relationships with my patients, serve as the front line of Texas eye care, and ultimately change the lives of the people in my community for the better. However, with the restrictive eye care laws that dominate our state, I am needlessly restricted from providing services that I am qualified and trained to perform to the patients who need them.

 It is extremely frustrating and disheartening to stand by and refer my patients to other professionals who are further away and will charge another copay or visit fee when I could treat them myself if I were living in any one of our neighboring states.

 I urge you to support updating state eye care laws and modernizing Texas eye care through three specific actions:

●      Allow Doctors of Optometry the ability to prescribe all medications needed to treat diseases of the eye

●      Remove unnecessary restrictions on glaucoma management

●      Enable Doctors of Optometry to perform minor, in-office procedures to provide immediate and cost-saving relief to the patient

 The changes above will allow more doctors like me to serve Texas’ booming population, increase eye care access for people in urban and rural areas, and encourage taxpayer-supported Doctors of Optometry to stay and practice in Texas upon graduation. Many Doctors of Optometry like me are small business owners, we employ people, and pay significant taxes on our practice. We are partners in the community and we want what is best for all Texans. Please support these commonsense changes in our state’s eye care law!

Thank you for your time,

[Signature Line]