The Problem

Unreasonably limiting state laws

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Despite Doctors of Optometry having the training necessary to perform a wide range of advanced eye care services, outdated state laws unreasonably limit their ability to serve patients. Real patients, just like you.
How did Texas get here? Big monied, special interests in the medical community have long controlled our state’s politics, and they’ve used their power to funnel patients to certain providers and with those patients, their money. In short: they’ve created a medical monopoly.
But health care shouldn’t be political. It should be about the patient-doctor relationship and knowing that your doctor understands the history and details of your health to provide the best service possible.  The stranglehold this medical monopoly has on our state has caused Texas to have the fourth worst access to eye care provided by Doctors of Optometry in the nation. Meanwhile, all of our neighboring states enjoy access in the top ten.

Doctors are leaving, Texas population is growing

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It gets worse. Texas is quickly heading towards a major crisis in eye care. By 2025, the number of advanced eye care providers needed will increase dramatically while the supply of ophthalmologists will decrease. With an elderly population that is already the third largest in the country, our state is aging faster than the nation as a whole. It all spells big trouble in delivering high-quality eye care across our state.

Taxpayer-supported doctors are leaving

Our state’s taxpayers spend tens of millions of dollars each year supporting the training of Doctors of Optometry, but we’re losing nearly 30% of them upon graduation to other states where they can provide patients more services. Texas needs to be retaining these talented health care providers—instead, we are forcing them to leave to practice to the highest extent of their profession elsewhere.

All of this causes you, the patient, to have less access to care, higher costs in redundancy and wasted visits, and worse outcomes.

Texas must join the 21st century of eye care and modernize its laws. It’s time we bust up the medical monopoly and put eye care first!


It’s time to put Texans’ eye care first!