The Solution


Since Doctors of Optometry are the primary eye care providers in Texas, performing 85% of all comprehensive eye care, we MUST modernize state laws to allow them to practice to the fullest extent of their training.


To resist common sense changes to our eye care laws, special interests will attempt to fearmonger lawmakers and the public. They will claim that if we allow Doctors of Optometry to administer services to patients in Texas that almost every other state allows that we are putting these patients at risk. It’s nonsense.


Focus Texas is clear about what needs to be done to better serve Texas eye care patients. Two examples of what patients in neighboring Louisiana and Oklahoma have access to that Texas patients do not:

  1. Texans with vision-threatening infections of the eye caused by a virus cannot receive the prescription for the medicine they need from their local, trusted Doctor of Optometry. These infections happen often, and must be treated quickly. Sending patients to another provider costs time and money, and unnecessarily prolongs the time without treating the infection. Texans should be able to get the medicine they need and fast.

  2. Texans with glaucoma are forced by law to have a second doctor verify the diagnosis, even though Doctors of Optometry have the education, training, skills, and equipment necessary to diagnose and manage this condition. This reality again wastes the patient’s time and money, forcing them to see a second provider with whom they may not have an established relationship for the long-term management of their condition. Texans should be able to get the care they need from the doctors they know and trust.


It’s time our legislators put eye care first in Texas!